Thursday, May 14, 2009

Day In The Life 1 of 4

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There are basically 4 levels of life as a changeling: Refugees, Citizens, Gentry, and Landed Gentry. Over the next little while we'll be looking at a day in the life of each of them.
Changeling Refugee
Early morning: Wake up, fall out of someone's dream, maybe make them breakfast, maybe start a walk of shame home, maybe just run away before they notice a stranger in their bed. First thing's first, find something to eat. If whoever's dream that was slept in has food, maybe take some. Otherwise go out and sneak my way into a job. Sometimes it takes them all day to notice that I'm not the real dishwasher at that bar with the fancy fries, just steal an apron and the food is free. Maybe if I'm lucky I have a job as a nameless temp to pay for a car to go to work.

Midday: Run, from what I'm not sure, maybe its the cops, an angry chef, something out of the never never, another changeling whose dreamer I propositioned accidentally, or maybe some crazy hunter. But run, whatever I was doing earlier in the day can wait while I drop it and hide. Can't afford to use magic to escape or disguise myself, not enough glamour. Head for a crowd and hope the mists handle it.

Afternoon: Find someplace to sleep for the night. Bums in the park have scary dreams and I don't want live through Vietnam again. Maybe case some houses and make sure bedroom windows are open, maybe spend a few hours finding someplace to clean up so I can hit the bars and go home with someone. This could only be helped if I scored some drugs, pot, alcohol or in the worst case rohypnol will get me what I need.

Evening: Eat and hide. I've found someone or someone's found me. I'm either eating or avoiding being eaten. Getting dinner and maybe a bit of glamour is pretty easy if you're willing to owe someone in a court. They'll pay for food while they talk and talk about why their philosophy is important. Be careful though, can't agree to anything, or disagree either, that's how they get you. That's something that's wrong in the stories, their food is fine, its the words you have to watch out for. Avoiding whoever finds me in the evening is easier, rush hour means I can go faster and get lost quicker.

Night: Go home with someone. If I'm lucky I can spend the night in someone else's freehold but they'll make me pay for it...somehow. Otherwise I need to follow home that guy from earlier or head to someplace where people sleep in public and try not to be noticed crawling in someone's ear for a bit of rest. If I'm really lucky nothing out of the Wyld will jump me and my blights won't act up.

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