Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Larp Advice for Malkavians and other crazy people

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Do that. With every character not just the malkavians.
specifically this quote

What's the point - of you in particular?
Actually, this is a valid question for any vampire character, but it’s worth repeating here. Vampires hardly ever Embrace someone on the spur of the moment - particularly not in a Camarilla city. The Malkavians have a particular reputation for watching their would-be childer for a long time - even years - before their Embrace. A would-be childe must possess some extraordinary quality, something that simply demands it be preserved for the ages. Anything less, and the subject could just be ghouled - or even Dominated - to whatever purpose the would-be Sire has in mind. After all, it's a lot easier to obtain a ghoul in a Camarilla town, than to receive the right to Sire childer.
And don’t cop out with that “My Sire Embraced me without permission” copout – unless you’re playing in an Anarch troupe. Put some thought into why you were created.


  1. For those wanting the full article, go here::
    This was blatantly ripped out of that article without even a nod to the original author. That is pathetic. Becuae the kind of people searching for articles like this would never notice you ripping off someone who wrote about THE SAME THING? I pray ignorance is bliss, because I don't see any thing else positive in it for ya.

    1. never noticed this comment before but you'll note the full article is the first goddamn thing on the post. then a small excerpt appears in the post. so, yes the author was credited e.g.. a link to the whole thing appears before the excerpt. Read first before bitching. unless of course you think ignorance is bliss. I'm sure it's helping you along.

  2. Might I suggest you put the quote in italics or quote-marks? It would make it more clear that you're quoting the piece linked above. And thank you for the hat-tip, I had fun writing it. :)